Real Estate Class Reviews

What students have said after taking our courses:

Reviews came from actual student evaluation forms at the end of our 40 hour Salesperson Course.
​Students ratings are 1 star (least favorable) to 5 stars (most favorable). These are actual student responses.

Students are asked the following questions:

1. How would you rate the instructor knowledge of the material?
2. How would you rate the instructor's presentation?
3. How would you rate the textbook and handout materials?
​4. How would you rate the school's classroom and facilities?
​5. Would you take another course with your instructor?
Plus Student Comments.
SG: 5 stars for all questions. I would definitely use this instructor again. He was extremely knowledgeable. 
HH: 5 stars for all questions. Loved our instructor. Very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.
SH: 5 stars for all questions. Excellent and thorough presentation and instruction. Would highly recommend to others.
SL: 5 stars for all questions. Would definitely recommend my instructor. Thank you for all the extra tips and advice! Everything was so helpful.
CW: 5 stars all questions. Great class! Would recommend to others.
MG: 5 stars all questions. Mr. Bluhm is a very professional, very experienced instructor! I am really grateful to fortune that I chose this school over others! Highly recommend. 
FL: 5 stars all questions. This class was well done and the source material was presented in a great way! Definitely recommend!
CB: 5 stars all questions. My instructor was very nice and very knowledgeable. He explained everything in a clear way. Would most definitely recommend.  
KB: 5 stars all questions. The instructor made the material more interesting. Class time was very enjoyable! Time flew by! Would recommend. 
MJ: 5 stars all questions. Excellent! Have already recommended to friends. 
FM: 5 stars all questions. Great instructor. Would recommend.
JR: 5 stars all questions. Very helpful, knowledgeable, informative class. Instructor was fun. Highly recommend.                 
JC: 5 stars. Very thorough. I have bought 8 properties and learned more at this course than I learned from any of the agents that sold me the properties! Presented in a great way!
AT: 5+ stars. Don't plan on yawning or napping! Once you arrive to class, the train leaves the station! Before you know it it's time to go home. Wonderful instructor. Learned so much! 
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