Frequently asked questions

Here are additional questions students have asked:


How much does the Salesperson Course Cost? The total cost is $395. This includes 2 of the best textbooks available and all the practice tests and materials you will need to help you pass the state exam the first time! Many schools just give photocopied handouts at each class. We utilize the best, most up to date textbooks in the industry. They will be useful to you even after you are licensed! 

What's the difference between the Salesperson Course and the Brokers Course? 

In Massachusetts to sell real estate, you must first become a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson. You must complete the required 40 hour Salesperson Course and then take and pass the state Salespersons Exam. Then, after working as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson for 3 years, you would qualify to take the 40 Brokers Course and then be required to take and pass the state Brokers Exam. In Massachusetts you cannot own and operate a real estate company without a Brokers License. Many people go their entire real estate career with a salespersons license.


​How large are the school classes?

The maximum class size is 12 students. Where we try to keep the class sizes small and comfortable. Our school is so conveniently located classes sell out quickly. 

​How often is the Salesperson & Broker tests held? 

Tests are held weekdays and Saturdays in Boston, Auburn, Fall River, Lawrence and Springfield. Times vary.  We will give you the schedule during class. 

​How much does the Salesperson Test cost? 

$85 and $54 to repeat the test, if you fail. 

​Veterans Salesperson and Broker Test is $54 and $54 to repeat the test if you fail. 

​How much does the Brokers Test cost? $106 and $54 to repeat the test,  if you fail. 

​Can I make up classes if I have a scheduled vacation, get sick or have a sick child? 

Yes all classes can be made up either online or live. 

​If I fail the exam, can I repeat the course at no charge? Yes,  just contact us to schedule your repeat classes.*

​What is recommended to bring to class?

Pen(s), notebook and highlighter. 

​Can I bring snacks and a drink to class? 

Yes snacks, soft drink, coffee are no problem. 

How do students dress?

Casual, comfortable dress is fine  

​What if the class day falls on a major holiday?

As a rule, it will be held the next day.

​If I pass the test, when will I receive my license?

Right there on the spot after passing.

​What are CEUs?

Continuing Education Units. Your license is good for 2 years and renews on your birthday. You are required the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to take six 2 hour 

continuing education classes every 2 years.


​What does the test consist of?

The state exam consists of 120 multiple choice questions. 80 general questions and 40 State questions. You must obtain a minimum score of 70% to pass and have 4 hours to complete the test. 

​What if a Monday class falls on a holiday? Class will be held on Tuesday. If you can't attend Tuesday, you can make up the class on video and still graduate with your class on time. 

​Are the classes taught live?

Yes the evening classes are all taught live.


Can we contact you with questions in between classes? 

Yes. We want you to pass the state exam the first time and are available to answer your questions during business hours.


If I pay for the course online and then decide not to attend, can I get my money back?

Absolutely, yes. 

​If I don't want to pay for the class online, can I send you a check?  

Absolutely, yes. You can also pay by Venmo. Just make a note on your registration form. Call us if any questions. We also have a 3 payment plan  

I noticed some schools charge higher and lower tuitions?

Have you noticed you tend to get what you pay for? Most private schools vary in charges. We have only top notch "active" Brokers teaching our courses, who really know what selling real estate involves. Learn from the pro's. Some schools do not have a real text book and give handouts at each class. Some use slide shows and you take notes. Some use a textbook that has information and laws about many states, not just Massachusetts which can be confusing. We use 2 excellent bound textbooks that has everything you need to know to pass the exam first time. They  cover Massachusetts Real Estate. You'll keep this textbook for future reference. Plus they contains many, many practice tests compiled from previous actual test questions. Every student raves about these  textbooks with full glossary of terms.  The textbooks are a$65 value and are included in the total course fee. 


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